Thursday, 13 October 2011

Outhouse Green

I went to a yard sale, late in the day.  I wasn't looking for a dresser, and was avoiding any BIG purchases.  You see, I can see my DH is getting annoyed with moving furniture, and the overload of the house...even when it is temporary.  We do not have a workshop for me to work on my pieces, so they are usually stuck in any available corner of the house, until I sell it.  Which, isn't always right away.  Anywho...the lady had 2 dressers, and I decided to buy one of them for $10.  Afterall, it was only $10.  What was I supposed to do?  Leave it there?  The other one was also $10, but I held back and only bought 1 of them.  I went home to get the truck,  returned to pick up my 1 dresser, & the lady said I MUST take the other one....for FREE!  Well, now I was in a pickle...I proceeded to take her offer, and loaded 2 dressers up on the truck, for a total of $10.  My DH is going to KILL me!!  lol - But, He'll get over it....eventually!



I painted the handles with Brushed Nickel, and the outside of the dresser with a very light grey, and the inside green "oops" paint. 

Enter my friend, "C".  My friend "C"came to visit, and I was showing off my latest project to her.  She saw the inside, and chuckled.  I begged her to tell me what the chuckle was for, and she finally revealed why she had chuckled.  She used to work for the Ministry of Natural Resources, at a Provincial Park.  She was assigned to paint the inside of all of the outhouses.  It was a standard color for decades throughout Ontario...."Outhouse Green".  The exact green that I had painted the inside of the dresser.  I didn't notice until she brought it up...and then realized she was right.  It is "Outhouse Green".  That Gawd-awful green of the outhouses that were so disgusting, and stinky, nobody used them unless it was an emergency!


  1. Outhouse green or not, I love it! It adds a nice surprise pop of color to the inside! Great job!

  2. good going :)
    I have the same issue, or used to have the same issue, hubby would roll his eyes when I went out with the truck. Now he's my biggest support. Keep up the good work :)