Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fresh Salsa

I went Salsa Dancing the other I was in the mood to make some!  We love fresh salsa!  I try to make enough to give away in baskets for Christmas presents. 

Here is my (not so) secret recipe:

14 cups of prepared (peeled & chopped) tomatoes, 3 cups chopped onions, 1.5 cups of chopped hot peppers, 1 cup of green bell peppers

1.5 cups of vinegar, 3 Tbsp. salt, 2 Tbsp garlic,
2 cans tomatoe paste, 1 cup cillantro or parsley, 1 tsp cumin
Mix all together in pot, simmer gently for a half hour.

Pour into jars & process in a canner for 20 minutes.

My batch made 46 cups!!


  1. Darlene I am very proud of You and your Blog; It is so making me hungry just looking at the pictures of the food. Keep up the good work.This is your Mom-in-law. lol