Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Boob" Light Makeover

My Boss asked me if I wanted her old "Boob" light.  I was'nt sure at first, but then I saw that is wasn't the cheapie kind...it was real crystal, with brass.  A really nice one. (as far a boob lights go that is) I scooped it up (for free) and gave it a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze...and voila!  A simple makover!  She (my boss) liked it so much, she wanted it back - (fat chance of that happening - especially after I used $0.50 on paint) - She was thinking of giving me another one, but now she just wants me to paint hers too!


It is actually the perfect light for my back entrance, which had a poor man's chandalier
 (a socket with an exposed bulb...lol)

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Anniversary to me!

It was my 1st Anniversary in March!  I started blogging a year ago without a clue what I was doing. 
Thank you all for helping me along the way, and inspiring me everyday!
I now feel I have to quit my full-time job in order to get more stuff done, and post more!
(I wish)  lol
But I do love my job, and will not be quitting anytime soon.
So, bear with me as I am a part-time blogger.
Thank you all for looking and commenting  :)


Barnyard Chick (sheeek)

I have wanted to paint my Restore China Cabinet since I purchased it a year ago.
I FINALLY did it!  I wanted it red...but it evolved into a red-ish piece, heavily glazed with black.
I used Para "Cherries Jubilee" velvet paint made into homemade chalk paint for the base coat.
I think it looks great in my 100 year old home. 
The colour in the photo is not accurate, and i find it looks way better in person!


THE INSIDE:  Light Aqua "oops" paint

The brass knobs & hinges got a coat of ORB

& I finished it off with something new to me:
"Modern Masters, Decorative Painter's Dead Flat Varnish" 

 It will not alter the colour, will not yellow, & will not change the sheen on your piece.
2 Thumbs up from me!

So, Do you think I am crazy??

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