Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Boob" Light Makeover

My Boss asked me if I wanted her old "Boob" light.  I was'nt sure at first, but then I saw that is wasn't the cheapie kind...it was real crystal, with brass.  A really nice one. (as far a boob lights go that is) I scooped it up (for free) and gave it a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze...and voila!  A simple makover!  She (my boss) liked it so much, she wanted it back - (fat chance of that happening - especially after I used $0.50 on paint) - She was thinking of giving me another one, but now she just wants me to paint hers too!


It is actually the perfect light for my back entrance, which had a poor man's chandalier
 (a socket with an exposed bulb...lol)

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  1. HA HA HA! Never heard it called a "boob" light, but it is kinda appropriate. It sure does look much better after all that money you put into it! ;^)

  2. Love it! I did one of mine with a copper like spray and I hate it. I'm now going to sand it down and try your idea!!! Hmmm...what else can I find to try it on??!!

  3. I thought only my sons called them boob lights...LMAO. Too funny. But good job :)

  4. ha! i had to click on your sight after seeing the caption boob light! so funny! im your neweest follower ~ bty the boob lights looks great!