Wednesday, 30 November 2011

me....Moi.....I have been featured!!!

Well, not me Fancy Nancy dresser redo!!
Momma Hens Coop

I am flattered & humbled!!
Thanks Momma Hen:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Red & Retro

I picked up these dressers at an auction 10 years ago for $10.  It was before I even knew how to properly paint furniture, but I painted them white for our Master Bedroom in our first house.  Then, I painted them black when I redesigned our master bedroom.

  Then we moved,
and I gave them to my offspring...
...they stayed scratched -
and yucky for 5 years!
(poor kid)
You'd think I could find someone
who can restore furniture!!
 Now they are Retro Red & Chrome (spraypaint)!  Love it!!!!
(& so does the offspring)

Some really cool curves on these - You can't buy curves like that anymore! 

This is really red in person, not orange.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

The Nancy comes out of the closet!

This fancy Nancy dresser is not what she seems!

For decades she gave the illusion she was oak. A masculine dark grain - She fooled us all into thinking she was something she wasn't. It was all in the makeup she was wearing. When I stripped her makeup off, I found out Nancy was actually not oak at all! All this time! For many years I spoke to her like she was oak, and I cared for her as I would for an oak dresser. Well, she has come out of the closet now, and we all accept her for what she is - birch!

To celebrate her liberation, I gave her a new look. A feminine soft look, with just a hint of masculine, to remind her what she once was.

She seems to have a natural glow!

She can't seem to stop smiling now! 

 Her curves seem more curvey!

Don't judge me, but I am in love with Nancy!!

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The "Bobbi-Jo"

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this piece. 
At one time it was a vanity, then someone added a homemade top on it. 
I am not to sure if i will keep this top on it forever, but it will do for now. 
I just find that the shape of the top, doesn't "fit" the shape of the rest of it. 
I knew I was going to paint "Bobbi-Jo", but was unsure what color, or whether or not to distress it. 
I accidentally purposely ended up chose to layer paint colors, distress, crackle, add more paint, and do more distressing & add dark wax. 
I actually didn't know when to quit!  It is quite French!  (Afterall, I am Canadian)
I added my favourite jewels, "glass knobs" & "voila!"  
Repondre a "Bobbi-Jo".

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