Sunday, 12 June 2011

Our Door is Always Open

This is the entrance to our basement on the side of the house.
It was hideous green, and I forgot to take a before picture.

We have a hundred year old house, and 3 doors. We only use this door for accessing the basement, to get our bikes out, etc. It is a good thing too because it is short. To replace it means big buck$, because it is a special order. So, refinishing it is the only option. It has some really nice details in the carvings. You couldn't see these when it was painted.




Look at the doorbell!!

and the doorknob:

Friday, 3 June 2011

HELP!! I can't post comments.

Does anyone have any idea why I can't post comments?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I was featured!

Whoot-Whoot!! A big Thank You to "Thrifty Decorating" for featuring my "Magazine Rack Table", even though I couldn't get her link to stick until this week! Go check out her awesome blog!

Diana Dresser Before & After

This dresser came from my Boss, for $20.  I painted for my brother for his camp. (That is the Northern Ontario slang for "cottage")

I'm a Linky Party Girl!
Beyond The Picket Fence

My Blogger Problems-But I am back!!!

I apologize to everyone for my lack of communication for the past week or so, we had technical difficulties. Then I realized that I could sign in at work and the problem was only at home.   My Hubby updated windows, and Norton, and then I could not sign into blogger.  I went in circles for days.  Took us a few days to realize it was the internet options that reset, and we had a hard time figuring out which setting to change.  Learning experience.  :)  But I'm back!  I linked up somewhere last week, but didn't get the link on my post, so I will be trying again!  Sorry folks.