Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Matchbox Cookies & Christmas Tea

Here are some Shortbread Cookies & some Christmas Teas
I made a:
"Matchbox" with a window for the cookies with the "Bags, Tags, Boxes & More" Cricut Cartridge
& the snowflakes are from "Potpourri Garden"

and the "Tea Time" ornament was my own design.  Someday I will post the template.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Tile Backsplash

I have been meaning to procrastinating my kitchen backsplash project for a little while quite some time now.  You see, I work in a tile store...and can't seem to find a tile guy with 10 seconds in his schedule to help us!  My DH & I are quite handy people, but have never tiled.  That is something very new for us.  My DH was a little  very intimidated by the whole thing.  Part of the problem is everyone knows I work in a tile place, and if WE do a crappy job, it might reflect on our place of business.  Also, when my co-workers come to our house, it could end up quite embarrasing!  Anywho...we tackled the job, and with a little help & some lessons form an installer, it is complete!  There are some mistakes...some imperfections...but all in all the wall that the installer did looks fantastic...and the walls we did after he left look acceptable.  :)





The little insert is "Aged Nickel"

We wanted to choose a tile that suited our 100 year old house.  We didn't want the modern glass or stainless steel that a lot of people go for.  It just doesn't suit our house.  It was because of that fact, it took me a long time to decide.  Also, our counter top & our cupboards are a little monotone, so we needed a contrast.  A focal point.  So, this is what we came up with...


 The only issue we have with it now is we both feel we need to repaint the kitchen!! uggg, picking paint colours can be so hard!

Here is the realistic view after we "moved" back in!  I often wonder how some people exist without any clutter on their countertop?  They must not use their kitchen other than to order dinner & open the boxes.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


It is Thanksgiving here in Canada!  The leaves are vibrant in the hills, and the fall harvest is on the table.  It doesn't get any better than autumn in Canada.  I am very fortunate to live in a place with 4 full seasons, but fall is my favourite.  I did a little decorating on my back verandah...because we are renovating the front of the house.  It is far from perfect yet, and have more to add soon.  But, in light of the Holiday, here is what I have done so far.  Enjoy :)

I plan on making some burlap curtains for the washstand & the shoe bench.
My favourite item is the watering can...which has a fresh coat of bright yellow paint <3
& a burlap bow
We tiled our backsplash yesterday, and will be grouting that tomorrow...so come back in a couple of days to see what we did!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wedding Card

I created this using various Close To My Heart stamp sets.  Enjoy :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank-You Cards

Whipped these up recently.  I stamped with some Close To My Heart stamp sets I have had kickin' around.  Much prettier in person than on the scan.

Birthday Decorations & Loot Boxes

It seems I have really been "into" the papercrafts lately. 
It could be because of my recent purchase of a used 12" Cricut!  (<3 <3 <3)
For my Son's Birthday, I made a Birthday Banner (as described in a previous post)

and Matching Cupcake Wrappers with the Cupcake Toppers
from the Cricut "Cupcake Wrappers"  Cartridge.

It was the first time I used the cricut Cupcake Wrapper cartridge. 
I cut them at 3.5" and I now realize that 3" probably would have been big enough. 
 The wrappers were a bit large for regular size cupcakes.

I recycled some plastic carpet tile boxes from work, and made the loot boxes in a Halloween theme Using the Cricut "Phrases" cartridge:

Inside:  a deck of playing cards, a gel Halloween window cling, & a smoosh ball

The spines were decorated using the "Ribbons & Rosettes" cartridge. 
This cartridge has some really nice borders.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Blog HELP please!!

Can anyone tell me why my sidebar has been missing from this blog for over a week now? It is still in the layout & design...just does not load??

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Today I Discovered Vinyl!!!

Well, I am hooked!  Today I discovered vinyl wall art made on my Cricut.  I always knew the abilities...but until recently I was the owner of a 6" Cricut only.  I just didn't bother to venture into wall art with such limitations.  My project today is a combination between repurposing an old window, & a Cricut project. 

Here is the before:

Mike window before
And here is the after:

Mike window after

This window was given to me from my Brother...who felt that I needed it!  (Thanks Bro)
I dry brushed some green paint on it to clean it up a bit.  
I spray-painted frosted glass spray-paint on the back side to make it opaque. 

 I added the vinyl (created from a Cricut) to the front side. 
The cartridges I used are:
 "Phrases" - for the "hello" & the "Friends"
"Potpourri Basket" - for the "WELCOME" & the "HOME"
& "Plantin Schoolbook" for the letters for "To Our"

Showin' off my gigs here:  


Mod Vintage LifeLove the weinies!!  <3 <3 <3

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Thanksgiving Banner

I made this into the wee hours of the night last night.  I love fall, and mostly the colors of fall.  Thanksgiving is the second weekend in October for Canada, so I thought this would be a nice addition.

The Cricut cartridges used were: 
Old West - for the font
Potpourri Basket - for the leaves & some nuts
Tablescapes - Fall & Winter for the large acorn

Cardstock colors used were:
 olive green, deep red, dark brown, gold, and for the font a textured pumpkin orange
Life is a Party!
Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Friday, 24 August 2012

Cricut Love

A couple of years ago I purchased one of these:
Yes, I am a late bloomer...but being as my husband was unemployed, and about to become a full time college student...it was a big deal to even have this!

But this week I found a used 12" Expression for sale...and purchased it.  YIPPEE!!

This week was also my Birthday, so my dear family gave me a new cartridge.  Ribbons & Rosettes. 
I loved the idea of this cartridge!  (& still do) -
However, is it just me?  I have trouble with these little guys!  I can't seem to make them nice looking.  I feel like I am all thumbs.  Please feel free to give me any tips you might have. 
I Googled videos...and they make it seem so easy...or don't show the actual assembly.
I do love the many...many...borders I can create as well with this cartridge. 
I did however play with other cartridges...for my Son's upcoming birthday.
Cupcake Wrappers:
And a banner
using Bags, Tags & Boxes (using a tag for the banner)
& George & Basic Shapes for the font:
And a little purse from Bags, Tags, & Boxes - with my sad attempt at a rosette - it doesn't look bad, but it also took me over an hour to make!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I am a Tiger, not a Cougar!

Acquired at at a Facebook auction for only $61, this table had seen better days! 
She was pretty rough, and looking a bit like a cougar before midnight at the local bar. 
Time was not very friendly to this poor soul, but I saw the potential in her.

I knew that after a few glasses of wine, a makeover, a striptease routine, and some gentle caressing,
I could make her look and feel like a tiger!

Someone had already started the striptease on her, but I guess they gave up.

I did not give up on her!  A makeover is all she needed for a bit of self confidence :)

~~~~~~I love being a stripper~~~~~~

I knew I was on to something when I started redressing her......

What started off as a cougar, ended up having the stripes of a tiger all along.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Boob" Light Makeover

My Boss asked me if I wanted her old "Boob" light.  I was'nt sure at first, but then I saw that is wasn't the cheapie kind...it was real crystal, with brass.  A really nice one. (as far a boob lights go that is) I scooped it up (for free) and gave it a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze...and voila!  A simple makover!  She (my boss) liked it so much, she wanted it back - (fat chance of that happening - especially after I used $0.50 on paint) - She was thinking of giving me another one, but now she just wants me to paint hers too!


It is actually the perfect light for my back entrance, which had a poor man's chandalier
 (a socket with an exposed bulb...lol)

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