Friday, 6 May 2011


I thought I would share a poem I wrote for my Mother last year on Mother's Day. 
 It made her cry.  (but she always cries)


Shoes are so important,
To protect and keep us warm,
I could not imagine,
Years ago on “The Farm”

When my mother was a child,
She only had two pair,
And claims she was so lucky,
For some had none to wear.

Now she has so many,
None of them have holes,
You can bet your baby bootie,
All of them have soles!

Wife shoes,
Sister shoes,
Mother shoes,
Grandma shoes,
So many shoes to fill,
It takes a special person,
To really fill them well!

I’ve tried, and tried to squeeze them in,
My feet will never fit,
I will never fill her shoes
I am sorry to admit.

So Thankful to my mother,
& the beauty of her soul,
To which the evolution of her shoes
Has always played a role.
By: Darlene Armstrong
May 9th, 2010-Mothers Day

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  1. Applause! Kudos! Or should that be Shoe-dos? Nice poem and sentiment.