Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Kitchen - (BB - Before Blogging)

The History:

I live in a 100 year old house.  You know, the kind with "character".  The wide baseboards, 9' ceilings, and the kind of cool architecture that attracts a girl like me. :) - A warning to all of the other girls out there like know what they say...."be careful what you wish for".  That character can cost thousands to restore, and then when you do renovate you are stuck in a certain type of look...It just doesn't make sense to go with a modern look. 

Having said that - we had a small kitchen, with a formal separate dining room.  We debated for quite a while on weather or not to remove the wall in between the 2 rooms, and now that it is done it seems like a no brainer. 

We chose hickory cupboards, with a stain, and a black island and a black with glass upper cupboard in the corner.  I have an addiction to painting, so this would satisfy my urge to paint my custom hickory cupboards in the future.  I could just paint the black stuff if I get the urge. 

The paint color was chosen to match the colored glass in an old window in the dining area. (see below, the upper part of the window) 

There is a desk area beside the fridge.  The appliances have to stay white for a while, even though I think stainless or black would suit this so much better.  Since this picture, I have painted my fridge with black chalkboard paint. 

It has been almost 4 years, and i am itching to paint my island and black corner cupboard!  Does anyone have color suggestions?  I want it distressed ......and teal is my favourite color....just putting it out there.

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