Sunday, 22 January 2012

Clarinet Case Restoration

Well, I havn't been posting lately....major computer crash!  Ugh!

Well, I'm here now, and I am just going to do a quick post, as 4 of us are sharing 1 computer.

Recently, I purchased a used Clarinet.  I really want get back into music, and teach my kids.
I am mainly a woodwind, but played (20 years + ago) several instruments.
I chose to start with a clarinet because it is the least expensive to buy used.

The Clarinet I bought on E-Bay, was in decent shape, but the case was verrry musty.  Something you can not tell by looking at a picture.  The green velvet interior was also faded and rotting.

No prob for someone like me!  Lol
I bought a deep purple velvet, and some grey-ish silvery cording to make a handle.  I also bought a decorative curtain tie back - mostly because I needed to bling-it-up.

Next - is the outside of the case!

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